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Dustin's journey in the art world is a testament to his enduring passion and remarkable talent. From a young age, his artistic abilities were recognized, culminating in the honor of being one of the select few chosen to paint a mural in Downtown Winston-Salem at just 15 years old. This early achievement marked the beginning of a lifelong commitment to art, which has seen him travel across North Carolina, sharing his passion and expertise in tattooing.

With over 19 years of experience in the tattoo industry, Dustin has established himself as a respected and influential figure. His role in apprenticing his wife, Meagan, highlights not only his skill as a tattoo artist but also his dedication to mentoring and nurturing talent within the field. His extensive training in infection control underscores a commitment to professionalism and maintaining the highest standards in his practice, ensuring both the safety and satisfaction of his clients.

Dustin's ability to teach and guide others extends beyond his relationship with Meagan, as he has taken on the role of mentor for other artists in the shop. This willingness to share knowledge and foster growth in others speaks to his character and his desire to elevate the art of tattooing.

His versatility as an artist is evident in his enjoyment of various tattooing styles, from portraits and black and grey to landscapes, color, and Japanese tattoos. However, it is his talent for drawing and freehand designs that truly sets him apart. Dustin's ability to create new, original pieces with intricate details for his clients showcases his creative vision and technical skill, making him a sought-after artist for those looking for unique and personalized tattoos.

Dustin's career is a reflection of his dedication to his craft, his commitment to excellence, and his influence as a teacher and mentor. His contributions to the tattoo industry and the art community in North Carolina have not only enriched the lives of those around him but have also left a lasting impact on the art of tattooing itself.


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