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Tattoo Parties

Tattoo Party Packages Below


Welcome to your party package!

Congratulations! We are here to help you celebrate with your own Tattoo
Party! To book with any of your favorite Tattoo Artists, you will need to book a consultation and fill out the forms required. Each guest must be 18+ years of age with proof of ID on hand. If any guest that is wanting to be tattooed or Pierced during the event, does not have their ID, they will not be getting either of those services. (No exceptions). This event can be planned for Birthdays, Bachelor/Bachelorette, Graduations, Wedding events, Anniversaries,Spring Break Party, Halloween Party, Christmas Party, 4th of July, Cosplay Party, Mardi Gras Party, and St. Patrick's Day Party.

What's Included

What's Included in your Party Package:
- One on one with any of your favorite artists, Included in your booking
package of your choice. Who will provide everyone in your group (One)
walk-in sized tattoo.
- One flash board with tattoos pickout for the theme of the party.
- We will provide a table set up for you to bring, Cake, drinks or
refreshments to your event.
- We will provide a Bluetooth speaker for you to play your own party music
playlist, and use of the mini fridge for your drinks. (No Alcohol Allowed)
- The guest of honor will be given a T-shirt, during the time of the event.
- Along with each guest receiving a gift bag.
- A group photo with your Artists and guests. (Digital Copy)

Love Ink Tattoos LLC


Three packages to choose from!

  1. Single artist package- $600 up to Five guests. Single artist time: 3pm-7pm. 10 themed Flash tattoo to chose from.

  2. Double artist package- $1,000 up to Ten guests. Two artists time: 3pm-7pm. 20 themed flash tattoos to chose from.  

  3. Triple artists package- $1,400 up to fifteen guests. All artists included: Dustin, Meagan, Rayann. Triple artists time: 3pm-7pm. 30 themed flash tattoos to chose from. 

$200 security deposit required for all package options.

Add Ons

This will be provided by whichever Artist or Piercer available.

Mystery Tattoo: $100 each
Mystery Piercing: $60 each
Get what you Get: $100 each
Piercings: Single: $60 each Double: $80 each Triple: $100
Hoodie: $45
T-shirt: $25
Tumbler: $25
Gift Raffle: $25
Jewelry: $10
Nose Chain Fitting: $30
Jewelry Change: $20
Crystal Gift Bag: $30
Sunshower Crystal Vendor: $150
Gift Certificate: $60- custom amount.

Love Ink Tattoo Group Party!

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