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Emma Robertson is the vibrant receptionist and talented body piercer at Love Ink Tattoos, where she has been a cornerstone of the studio's welcoming atmosphere for over two years. With her unwavering dedication and infectious sweetness, Emma has become a beloved figure among both the staff and clients of Love Ink Tattoos. Her hard work goes beyond managing the bustling front desk; she skillfully navigates the intricate world of body piercing, bringing comfort and confidence to those she works with.

Emma's journey into the world of tattoos and piercings began out of a passion for body art and a desire to be part of a community that celebrates self-expression. Her role as a receptionist allows her to be the first warm welcome clients receive, setting the tone for their entire experience at the studio. Emma's knack for making everyone feel at ease, coupled with her organizational prowess, ensures that every client's visit is seamless from start to finish.

As a body piercer, Emma combines her meticulous attention to detail with a gentle approach, making each piercing session a comfortable and reassuring experience. She is committed to the highest standards of safety and hygiene, ensuring that clients leave not only with beautiful piercings but also with peace of mind regarding their care and healing.

Emma's sweet nature and dedication have made her an integral part of the Love Ink Tattoos family. Her passion for her work and her genuine care for the clients and her colleagues alike shine through in everything she does. It's no wonder that everyone loves Emma; her presence makes Love Ink Tattoos not just a studio, but a home for those who work and visit there.


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