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Tattoo & Piercing Shop


See our piercing process below!


Age requirement for piercings:

Belly Button: 16+​

Nose: 14+

Lip: 18+

Nipple: 18+

Tongue: 18+

Facial Piercings: 18+

Piercing Menu:

Ear lobes: $60

Tongue: $60

Smiley- $60

Belly Button- $60

Industrial piercings-  $80

Single: $60

Double: $80

Triple: $100

Quad: $150 

Pricing includes standard jewelry

For individual/matching


We have three female piercers. All in which are certified in infection control, blood-borne pathogens and cross contamination. We use Health department standard practice for all of our Procedures performed in our facility. 

Piercings are done with a hollow point needle by a professional piercer in a clean and sterilized environment.

Our Jewelry is made of non hypoallergenic surgical steel. We pierce with standard jewelry, which is included in the piercing price and the length of bars will be slightly longer for swelling/ healing purposes.


Jewelry Changes: $20 

This service is provided for clients who need help getting jewelry in and out. 

Jewelry changes can sometimes take longer than piercing and can require more tools and equipment. 

You are welcome to bring in your own jewelry or purchase something from our selection. 


We pierce kid’s ear lobes as young as 6 months with parent or legal guardian permission. 

If you would like to request that you get both ears done at the same time. Please call to book a piercing appointment, so we can have two piercers available at the same time. Walk-ins are welcome, but if needing a two piercer assistance there may be a brief wait.

 We do charge a fee for Two Piercer Assistance. This is due to us needing to use two piercers and double the tools and equipment. 

Two Piercer Assistance is also commonly used for nipple piercings. We can do those at the same time. 

Two Piercer Assistance fee is $30


Ear styling: $150

This includes, Consultation with a piercer. Where we will take a picture of your ear and help you determine what other piercings will compliment your ear and add 2-3 new piercings. We will remove old jewelry and replace them with all new matching Jewelry along with your new additions. 


Nose Chain fitting: $30. Once you have a double nostril piercing healed. (which is both sides of the nose) You are welcome to get a nose chain fitted by one of our professional piercers. We will let you pick from a wide variety of small link chains and match two new nose studs to your chain of choice. Then we will remove the old jewelry and place new nose studs in along with measuring and cutting you a custom nose chain to fit your nose. Nose chains are an accessory. They are not to be done while any nose piercing is in the healing process. And should be removed before sleeping, or showering. We will go over how to apply and remove your new addition. 


We sell multiple forms of aftercare products. Aftercare is very important. We break down the aftercare process  for you and answer any questions you may have during your visit. We will provide you with written instructions on how to take care of your new addition and all aftercare info is located on the Aftercare page of this website for you to refer to.

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