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Exclusively at Love Ink Tattoos LLC! 

Viral Mystery Tattoos!

Heart Themed - gender neutral 

Get a token and get a capsule from the machine and place it in the hole in the wall. When the artist is ready you will place an arm or leg into the hole in the mystery wall and receive the tattoo without being able to look at it until it is finished.

Mystery Piercings

Mystery Piercings are $60 

Limited to anything on the ear - except industrial No mouth piercings. Only ears, eye brows, nipples, and belly buttons. If you already have the piercing the machine picks, you will be able to turn again with no charge.

This Is A Fun Experience!

 We understand that the majority of peoples tattoos mean a lot to them and we take pride in making sure each and every tattoo we do is done with the utmost dignity and respect of the client. Because it is a big decision to make. A tattoo is permanent. But sometimes it’s just fun to not know! This is not for everyone. But if you enjoy a fun, exciting experience and get a new awesome tattoo at the same time! Well then this is just the thing for you! We do not place anything rude, derogatory, or inappropriate in our machines. This is meant to be fun and we want you to like the tattoo you receive.

People have been traveling from all over the country to get one of our mystery tattoos going viral on TikTok with 8 million views!

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Mystery Tattoos

Get What You Get

Larger sized- neo-traditional pieces- gender neutral. You get your capsule out of the machine and see what you get- you must get tattooed what is chosen by the machine- or pay to turn again. You can turn your “get what you get” into a mystery and place an arm or leg into the hole in the wall and not see it until it’s finished. Otherwise you can get it tattooed in the regular booth.

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