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Our Policies

Love Ink Tattoos LLC

Facility Policies
Thank you for choosing Love Ink Tattoos! We are here to provide you with a professional, clean and enjoyable experience. Please read the following carefully, as the information below is important for you to be able to receive the best quality service.

Facility/Artist regulations:
Please understand that we are a tattoo and piercing shop. Our job is to provide a sterilized procedure on the skin. We do not allow rude or obscene behavior.
● It is against the law for you to come to your appointment under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.
● You are only allowed one support person in the booth at a time during your session. They must remain seated, and cannot stand in the artist’s work space.
● Children are welcome in our shop, however they must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
● Tattoo and piercing artists do not appreciate being hovered over, belittled, or having inappropriate conversation.
● We do not allow clients to be demanding, demining, or micromanage any of our artists. If the artist is made to feel undermined or uncomfortable they will not be able to perform to the best of their ability, and have the right to refuse service.
● If you are unsure of a tattoo artist's skills or abilities for what you are inquiring please see all of our social media outlets for portfolio references of their work.

If you are unable to comply with these regulations then do not proceed any further. Or if any of the above occurs during your session you will be asked to leave. Our shop is under full surveillance via cameras and audio recording for quality and assurance purposes.

Design Policy:
You are required to consult with an artist before making an appointment or getting tattooed. Every artist must go over your design references, colors, style, placement, location etc. This determines price, time frame, equipment used and exactly what the artist is needing to do in the piece you are requesting. If you have not provided any and all information needed for the artist to do your piece the exact way you would like, then this does not fall on the artist, due to you not fully verifying exactly what you would like done to the piece.
Your consultation form will be filled out to its entirety so you can clearly see what the artist is going to be doing. If any changes need to be made or things need to be added or subtracted from the piece please do so before agreeing to the design. Please check any and all spelling of names, and dates you are providing. We do not know your birth/death dates. Nor do we know how your family members' names are spelled. (You are responsible for providing us with the correct information.)
 Each artist has different styles, skills and years of experience. Please understand that we will determine which artist is best for your piece during your consultation process for the purpose of the best possible outcome of your tattoo.
Once your artist has you in their booth, if you have decided to change anything about your tattoo, location, size, colors, style, placement etc. You will be asked to return to the desk to adjust the forms or completely start your consultation process over. This may also cause you to have to reschedule, due to the artist having to make more stencils and design changes can cause them to not have enough time to complete the tattoo in the previously agreed time frame. The shop owners and its affiliates will only tattoo what you have agreed to be done, and in the designated time frame required. The tattooing process is permanent.

Pricing Policy:
Tattoo Artists Price Tattoos per artist, per design.
Once everything has been agreed upon the tattoo artist will put together all the following factors:
● Estimated time frame, this may vary from artist to artist and the style used. Example: Black and gray tattoos don’t take as long as full color. Or a cartoon style will not take as long as a portrait. (Different styles of tattooing require different techniques which vary in time span.)
● The artist has to factor in the time it will take to design and make your stencil for your appointment. More detailed, large or custom designs take longer to make. This is factored into your price.
● Color and style, this determines the amount of colors needed to pour and which size, and how many different needles need to be used to do your tattoo.
● Cleaning and prepping equipment takes time and products as well. Including your aftercare bandages (Saniderm)
There are different payment options that we do offer for different tattoos.
● Pay per session. For large tattoos that may not be finished in one day.
(Sleeves, Back pieces and large tattoos) We will split the price of the tattoo between how many sessions you would like and that the artist thinks you will need to complete the tattoo.
● Pay per hour. This method is one used for large work that cannot be finished in one session and the artist and client agrees that they are willing to set and do the amount of work they can on the piece until the time frame is up. If you are wanting to specifically do a pay by the hour session you must discuss this with your artist and they will charge $100 an hour.
● Book the day. You can book the day with your artist to complete a large piece or get as much work done on the piece that can be completed in that time frame which is 7 hours. The price will still vary due to the circumstances above.

● NOTICE: We do not accept payments in full for any pieces that require sessions. If you insist on completely paying for your tattoo sessions in full, Please understand we cannot do any refunds once amount is paid.
  No Refund Policy:

Love Ink Tattoos LLC does not provide refunds for any and all services for the following reasons below:
Your $100 deposit holds your several hour block for the artist to tattoo you and get any drawings/stencils prepared, this includes cleaning and setting up equipment for your session.
● Pay per session option is for only paying per session, we will not take payments in full for a sessioned out piece.
● Once you have paid for a service by one of our artists, they will be getting paid that day and the money received by you is no longer in relevance with Love Ink Tattoos LLC but the artist property and cannot be refunded.
● Once the Tattoo Artist has completed the service you have requested, there will be no refunds given. Due to use of equipment, and time of the artist providing the service for you. If you are not satisfied with your tattoo/piercing or service please speak to one of the owners, who will be happy to help you with your situation.
This is why we cannot accept full payments unless the tattoo is being completed that day, and only take $100 for booking.


Cancellation Policy:
Once you have made a deposit towards your tattoo,which also covers the design of the tattoo and set up, That deposit is there for the security of your appointment and is also good for ONE rescheduling if needed be.
Note: You will lose your deposit if you do not call to cancel/reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. This is due to multiple rescheduling for just one appointment. We understand things do come up and we try to be understanding. When you are rescheduling multiple times, please understand you are taking away from clients that are available. Tattoo Artists are human beings. Being upset when an artist is sick or cannot make it into the shop that day for your appointment is very unfair, considering we work around all of your reschedules and are understanding. We are here every day all day. So please be respectful. You will NOT lose a deposit due to an artist’s absence.

Cover up policy:
Please read the following statement completely.

The original tattoo may be dark in shades of color and also faded. It is harder to cover a dark tattoo than a lighter one. This in turn affects the colors and designs that can be used to cover the original piece. Your artist will help you determine what is best to cover your specific tattoo.
● The tattoo being done over the original will be larger than what is already there.
● You understand that the skin rejuvenates itself naturally and the tattoo artist has no
control over these changes to the body. The artist can only disguise, hide or cover the original piece to the best of their ability. Ink can only be applied so much before the skin can be damaged.
● You understand that the original tattoo showing through can and will happen in most cases and is not the fault of the artist's application.
● This will require you to pay for sessions to apply more ink into the skin for better coverage.

 Mature Skin Policy:

Part of a tattoo artist's job is making sure the skin is suitable for the invasive procedure of tattooing. Different parts of the body hold ink better than others. (feet and hands are ones that don’t hold ink well.) And along with the location comes the health of the skin itself. We make sure the location being tattooed is free of any abrasions, rashes, infections, sores, sunburn, wounds, jaundice or any other skin condition that can happen. This is to ensure that the tattoo has the best possible healing outcome.
● What most people are not aware of is the age of the skin and how it affects getting tattoos and how they heal. For example: 18-29 years of age persons may experience ink not holding as well due to youth and elasticity of the skin and may be prone to more touch ups than a person in their 30’s. As you age the skin becomes more thin. This does not prevent you from being tattooed, but can make the tattooing process a bit different and the healing process more complicated
. Thinner skin welts, bleeds and bruises much more easily during the tattooing process. Thinner skin can cause the ink to absorb more quickly as well, causing a blow out effect or a grayish tint around your tattoo.
Healing can take longer or you may have more scabbing for a longer period of time if you have thinner skin. These are things we take into consideration when tattooing you and need to be made aware that these things can and may happen due to the age and health of the skin. We will do everything we can to advise you on how to care for tattoos and if you have any questions or concerns please contact the shop.

Touch up Policy:
Love Ink Tattoos and its affiliates strive for the cleanest and organized tattooing experience as possible. We work very closely with the North Carolina Health Department to ensure every procedure and prodigal is correct. Along with every staff member is infection control certified.
We stand behind our work and understand that the tattoos performed by us are permanent and express a lot of meaning to our clients along with the cost to purchase such artwork can be expensive. We want to make sure you have the best healing process for your safety. Including the quality and longevity of your tattoo.
We provide complete aftercare instructions in person, verbally, written and online at Using only the best products on the market for the tattooing industry today.
Complications can still occur and touch ups may be needed.
● We provide one free touch up within 30 days of the tattoo appointment. If it is
● After the 30 days you will be charged the minimum of $100.
● This is due to the fact that if it is in need of a touch up you will see it directly after
the healing process is complete which is up to 2 weeks max.
● A touch up is: Light or missing lines, color or details that were once there and
after the healing process they have diminished.
  ● A touch up is Not: Adding lines, details, shading or colors, or changing the colors, nor is covering parts or all of the existing.
● You will be given many opportunities during the consultation and the day of the appointment to make sure that everything about your piece is correct. (This is your responsibility)
Please understand that everyone's skin is different and of different skin tones. We are always willing to make sure your piece is done to the very best of our ability and that it heals properly. If you ever have any questions, issues or concerns please contact us as soon as possible for further instructions.

By signing below you hold all accountability for your design and have agreed to hold harmless the tattoo artists and all its affiliates of Love Ink Tattoos LLC. Its owners, managers, and employees from any and all claims, damages or legal actions arising from or connected in any way with my tattoo or the procedure and conduct used in performing my tattoo, to the fullest extent allowed by the law.

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